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For The Collective

  1. Stop raping each other.  [ As in - don’t have sex with people that don’t want to have sex with you ] 

  2. Stop blowing each other up. For who? For what? 

  3. Your body is your body and their body is their body. Only you get to decide what to do with yours. 

  4. Stop putting poison in the food, the soil, the Earth. It’s what’s killing us all.

  5. Animals and other species shouldn’t have to die for our comforts. Eat to feel full and then stop. Why is there milk in potato chips? 

  6. Stop spending millions of dollars on making movies and mindless innovations until everyone is safe, warm and fed. It’s embarrassing.

  7. Go outside more. Swing on a swing. Look up. Every day is a miracle.

  8. Money without freedom is like paying for prison. Be free and the riches will follow.

  9. Less stuff, more love. Why are there so many things?

  10. Be cooler and do your best. Whatever that means to you.

  11.  Everyone. Is. The. Same. Everyone deserves to live free and find peace.

  12. The Earth is literally on fire before our eyes. Stop looking away.

  13. Follow your heart.



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